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2017 Summer Box Office Recap

Back in April I made box office projections for this summer. Now that we’re wrapping up the heat and enter into awards season–ending on the lowest-grossing weekends in 15 years, I should add–let’s look back and see how I did (in order of release date). For each film, I’ll list my Projections for the film’s… Continue reading 2017 Summer Box Office Recap

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What a Movie Should Cost: A Look at Box Office Bombs

With “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” becoming the latest big-budget bomb at the box office this weekend, opening to $17 million against its $209 million budget, it got me thinking. How much is too much for a film to cost? What films should get the six digit budgets and moreover what goes… Continue reading What a Movie Should Cost: A Look at Box Office Bombs

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‘Ghostbusters’ Won’t Flop Because of Sexism

The 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot will come out in just a few days (in the UK, it has been released since Monday). The film has been a hot, somewhat controversial topic of conversation for upwards of three years, from “why does ‘Ghostbusters’ need a remake at all?” to “an all-woman cast? The feminists are taking over!”… Continue reading ‘Ghostbusters’ Won’t Flop Because of Sexism