‘Steve Jobs’ Near-Perfectly Acted and Written Biopic

It’s going to be awkward when Michael Fassbender wins the Oscar for Best Actor over Leonardo DiCaprio for a role that DiCaprio turned down… “Steve Jobs” is a biopic based on the man of the same name. Fassbender plays the titular Apple co-founder, while Seth Rogen portrays Steve Wozniak, Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, and… Continue reading ‘Steve Jobs’ Near-Perfectly Acted and Written Biopic


‘Bridge of Spies’ Well-Crafted But Slow Cold War Thriller

Tom Hanks starring in a Steven Spielberg period piece. Yup, Oscar Season is upon us. Based on a true story, “Bridge of Spies” stars Hanks as a New York lawyer who must organize a swap of a Soviet spy (Mark Rylance) and a captured American pilot (Austin Stowell) during the Cold War. Spielberg directs. The… Continue reading ‘Bridge of Spies’ Well-Crafted But Slow Cold War Thriller


‘Sicario’ Offers Uneasy, Intense Thrills

If this film is good for anything, it’s reaffirming my desire to not visit Mexico anytime soon. “Sicario” stars Emily Blunt as an ambitious FBI agent who gets involved with a government task force (led by Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro) in an effort to bring down a Mexican drug lord. “Prisoners” director Denis… Continue reading ‘Sicario’ Offers Uneasy, Intense Thrills


‘The Martian’ is Overlong, Underwhelming

Well, at least this is better than “Exodus: Gods and Kings;” whatever that’s worth. “The Martian” is based on the bestselling novel and stars Matt Damon as Mark Watney, an astronaut who is left behind on Mars after his team must perform an emergency evacuation. He must then both find a way to grow food… Continue reading ‘The Martian’ is Overlong, Underwhelming